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Book your Free First Yoga Class today!

Please note: Free first class can not be used for 1:1 sessions, Pregnancy Yoga or Mum & Baby yoga. 

Try a Yoga Class for FREE

A complete beginner to yoga or a regular yogi looking for a new yoga class, come and join us with a free class on me!

What to bring along ...

  • If you have your own yoga mat, please bring this along, if not then I have plenty you can borrow. 

  • A drink, preferable water! 

  • Wear comfortable easy to move in clothing.

What to expect from a class...

  • A warm and friendly welcome from a community who laugh together, move together and breath together. 

  • Easy to follow instructions from me to suit all levels of yoga experience. 

  • Movements that improve ,strength, flexibility and overall fitness

  • Breathing techniques to help reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm. 

  • A connection with your body, mind and breath. 

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