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Pregnancy Yoga
Suitable from 12 weeks +
Are you a mummy to be?
Feeling aches and pains from an ever growing bump?
Wanting to feel relaxed & in control?
This is for you!

What’s involved...

Gentle movements to build strength and stamina for birth.
Breathing techniques to aid labour & birth.
One to one mum & baby time.
Relieve aching tired muscles.
Connecting with other mums to be gaining support & friendship.
Suitable for pregnancy after 13 weeks.

No previous yoga practice required.

Mum & Baby Yoga
Suitable for mums 6 weeks after a natural delivery  or 12 weeks after a C-section delivery.
​Babies from 6 weeks until crawling. 

Whats involved...
Focusing on reconnecting and finding space in the body.

Release tension and tightness from aching muscles. (Babies are heavy!)

Gentle moving through postures to strengthen and rebuild the core and pelvic floor.

Breathing techniques to help relieve stress & anxiety.

Time just for you & to connect with other mummy’s to.
Suitable for mums 6 weeks after a natural delivery & 12 weeks after a C-section delivery. Must be checked and signed off by a medical professional or midwife.

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